Music Therapy Services

We provide clients with board certified music therapists to meet their individual needs. Therapists utilize techniques that are based on research and clinical practice in music therapy and related professions, such as speech and occupational therapy.

What services do we offer?

  • Individualized music therapy and adaptive lessons for all ages
  • Group music therapy services for children and adults
  • Pediatric rehabilitation services
  • Group music therapy and music enrichment classes at preschools and childcare centers
  • Group music therapy for English Language Learners
  • Music therapy for hospice patients, palliative care and individuals with dementia
  • Consultative services
  • Presentations

Here is a glimpse of a patient we had the privilege to work with:


Siblings are encouraged to attend for free with signed consent form.


“Kids in Harmony provides a wonderful service for my daughter who is behind in her language development.  Through interactive songs and instruments, they encourage her to use her voice and she has fun while “learning”!  She LOVES it!” 

“The music therapists are exceptionally talented, naturally caring, and dedicated to their craft.  They are able to captivate the audience.”

“Three words: We love it!”

“The service provided by Kids in Harmony has been very beneficial to my child.  We wanted him to learn to play piano, but he was not interested in learning the traditional way.  Our therapist was able to provide interactive lessons that interested him while teaching him to play piano at the same time.  My child loves music and this is a great supplement to what he is learning in school during music class.”

“After multiple medical interventions and months in the hospital after birth, our son struggled with oral aversion. Individualized music therapy sessions made the difference for him overcoming this challenge. Thank you for helping our son meet his goals and improving his quality of life!”